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Lost and Found.
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Lionesque Snow Monster.

Lionesque Snow Monster.

Had an idea to make a shirt with a picture of a crayfish that read, “Dat fish cray.”
Searched tumblr for said tag and realized I was beat to that punch a long time ago.

If only I’d been a little snappier.


Queen of pentacles -> the High Priestess 2013 

Dude, These are my two biggest Tarot teachers/inspirations. <3

The kind of queen I strive to be.

Apparently my ascendant is actually in Sagittarius. WHOOPS.

I’ve been meaning to find my exact birth time for a while because nothing seemed to mesh quite right. I was under the impression that I was born around 5:00, not 2:00. I couldn’t understand a couple of my house placements, but as soon as I started moving the clock backwards to see if I could shift into the houses I felt were more appropriate, I moved into ascendant Capricorn, and there was no way in Hell THAT was right. I never checked more than an hour backwards, though, still under this impression I had been born near 5:00.

I was honestly a little befuddled at first, because I feel such a strong connection to the Aquarian nature. Then I realized this placement actually shifts my moon from the house of Capricorn (which I never quite could jive with) to the house of Aquarius, changing the humanitarian influence from an outside appearance to an innate nature. The Sagittarius energy might also might explain my bizarre love for and close friendships with Sagittarian folks; Boring old Virgos don’t typically gush over the archers.

This also shifts my sun from the house of Scorpio to the house of Sagittarius. Again, makes sense, since Sun in house 8 tends to produce some tragic life stories, and overall I’m on a really wonderful, exciting journey. But then Venus goes into house 8, magnifying the Scorpio intensity through the lens of relationships rather than life in general.

All in all, I’m really fascinated by the differences in my chart. A lot of the same influences and energies are present, but they’ve been moved around. Honestly, I was sort of embarrassed to admit this flub, but Danny pointed out that I knew something was wrong with my chart, took the time to figure it out, and then shared it. Apparently me feeling something was off is more proof to him that there’s something up with those stars than anything else. Thank you, Danny. I know you might not read this, but you always have a unique perspective and encouragement to keep at this. :)




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